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ToJoy is China’s largest business accelerator. Since 1991 we have constructed a Unicorn Acceleration Platform that connects successful business models, motivated investors, and experienced local entrepreneurs to scale businesses throughout China and worldwide.

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Acceleration Model

Making Elephants Out of Ants1 successful model + N local joint-operation partners + ToJoy acceleration = industry leader in China

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ITP Model

The Independent Third Party (ITP), who provides project oppotunities to ToJoy and is not affiliated entity to ToJoy Shared Holding Group or its subsidiaries (including its overseas companies), includes business organisation, professional and accredited investor. Welcome to register as an ITP and share the benefits of accelerating unicorn projects on ToJoy’s business platform.

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ITP Rights and Privileges

For the purpose of encouraging more business organizations, professionals and accredited investors to participate in and share the benefits of accelerating unicorn projects on ToJoy’s business platform, the Referral Fee Guidelines for Independent Third Parties is hereby set forth. The project intermediary (hereinafter referred to as Independent Third Party ITP) who recommends projects to ToJoy is not an affiliated entity to ToJoy Shared Holding Group and/or its subsidiaries (including its overseas companies), it is welcome to introduce projects to ToJoy and its affiliated companies. If a recommended project successfully enters the acceleration process, the independent third party shall receive reward up to maximum USD $200,000.

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How does the business model work?

1.Select successful businesses (business models)/premium projects and develop strategic shareholders. 2.Develop franchise businesses nationwide and realize growth through scaling. 3.Enter the Capital Markets. 4.Acquire and merge additional successful franchises.

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How would you describe the overall team devoted to Project Companies?

Over 500 highly qualified professionals forming an elite and experienced team.

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Carlos F Trujillo M

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